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--- Virginia Tax List Club ---

Online Access For
Scanned Microfilm Images of Virginia's
Personal Property Tax Lists,
Land Tax Lists,
Colonial Tithe Lists

(for Counties and Cities established 1800 and before)
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Club Info
What do I get?
  You get online access to ALL of our Tax List and Tithe List images that we sell on CDs. Click HERE to see what's currently available. Click HERE to take a TOUR of the Club Area.
Will new images be added?
  Yes. All new tax list images that we scan and offer for sale on CD will be added to the Club. We generally add 1 or 2 new CDs per month.
Special Note: We have currently lost our microfilm renting/scanning facility and are not able to scan at the present time. We are looking for an alternate source. Membership is currently extended beyond 1 year. Renewals are no longer required.
What microfilms were used for the images?
  Microfilms came from one of two sources: the Family History Library or the Library of Virginia. Click HERE for more information.
Do I need any special software to view the images?
  You will need the Adobe PDF Reader. All images are in PDF format for easy viewing and printing. Click HERE to get the free Acrobat PDF Reader from
How much does it cost?
  The cost to join the Club is $40.00 for 1 year. This is a one-time payment. This is NOT an automatic recurring payment.
Special Note: We currently offer a 40% discount for the Club, making the price $24.00 !!
Why should I join?
  1. You have several counties that you research and you do not want to buy all the different CDs.
2. You have limited access to libraries that have these tax lists on microfilm.
3. You like to do research late at night, in your pajamas.
How do I join?
  Complete one of the options shown below. Both options use PayPal.

Option 1is currently not available.

Option 2 is a Buy It Now option. We will send you a Username and Password upon receiving the payment..At this time the Username and Password are determined by us.
What do I do if I forget my Username or Password?
  You need to send us an EMAIL. And please remember your Username and Password are cAsE SeNsItIvE !!!!
Already a member?

Join the Tax List Club - Regular $40.00
Special Price $24.00
Option 1:
Not Available


Option 2:
Manual Subscription Method
You do not need a PayPal account (click HERE for details). Your Username and Password will be created within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation email.
Please Email us if special payment processing is required (applies to Libraries and Societies only)


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