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The BROWSE Method

You can use the BROWSE method by selecting any county/city from our tax list table. Use this as a guide:

County/City Tax List Table Legend
(These are County/City tax lists found in the table below)
1790 or 1802 = Year of Tax List
Land = Land Tax List images available
Pers = Personal Tax List images available
Land A or Pers B = Tax List A or B
Index = Tax List index available online
"-" = Tax List index not available
RED = Available for purchase
{short description of image} County Name
Contains the link to the county, if available.
{short description of image} "1790" Tax Lists
The tax lists that were used.
{short description of image} "1800" Tax Lists
The tax lists that were used.

You can browse to any County or City that we have online and manually view any of the tax lists that we have acquired. This method uses the County and City Tax List Table found at the bottom of the main page. The Legend table shown above helps explain what you will find for a county or city entry in our tax list tables. Click on the county or city name if it appears as a link (i.e. Amelia is shown as a link in the Legend table above) and this will take you to the county or city web page like the sample shown below:

You will find a section for our 1790 tax lists and another section for our 1800 tax lists. If the county indexes are available they will appear as a link. These county indexes are just like our master indexes except they are only for the county. Click on any individual tax list link to go to that tax list images index page:

Individual pages are shown as 01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc. The number stands for the page number. All images are JPEG image files. Click on any JPEG filename to see that tax list page image.


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