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1800 - "A" Index (5)

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Name County Tax List Page
Armstead, Henry CharlesCity 1800Personal 01
Armstead, James A Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Armstead, John Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Armstead, Mrs Richmond 1798PersonalB 01
Armstead, Robert Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Armstead, Robert Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Armstead, Thomas KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Armstead, William Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Armstreet, Thomas (estate) PrinceGeorge 1799Land 01
Armstrong, At{?} Augusta 1800PersonalB 01
Armstrong, Bennet Norfolk 1799PersonalB 01
Armstrong, David Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Elijah Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Armstrong, Eliza Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Elizabeth Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Ellis Essex 1800Personal 01
Armstrong, Fielding Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Armstrong, James Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Armstrong, James Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Armstrong, James Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Armstrong, James Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, James A D KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Armstrong, James, Jr Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Armstrong, James, Sr Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Armstrong, Jane KingWilliam 1797Land 01
Armstrong, Jane KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Armstrong, Jesse KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Armstrong, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Armstrong, John Augusta 1800PersonalB 01
Armstrong, John Brunswick 1798Personal 02
Armstrong, John CityNorfolk 1798Personal 01
Armstrong, John Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, John Wythe 1800PersonalB 01
Armstrong, John, Jr Norfolk 1799PersonalB 01
Armstrong, John, Jur Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, John, Sr Norfolk 1799PersonalB 01
Armstrong, Joseph KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Armstrong, Maxwell Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Armstrong, Richd Botetourt 1799PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Robert Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Robert Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Armstrong, Thomas Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Thomas Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Armstrong, Thomas Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Armstrong, Thomas PrinceEdward 1800PersonalA 01
Armstrong, William Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Armstrong, William Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Armstrong, William KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Armstrong, William KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Armstrong, William Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, William Powhatan 1801Personal 01
Armstrong, William, Jur Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Armstrong, William, Sr Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Armsworthy, Abraham Hardy 1799PersonalA 01
Arnald, Benjamin Hardy 1799PersonalB 01
Arnald, George Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 01
Arnald, Henry Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Arnald, Moses Hardy 1799PersonalB 01
Arnall, Henry Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Arnall, Henry Hanover 1800LandA 01
Arnall, John Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Arnall, William Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Arnall, William Hanover 1800LandA 01
Arnat, John Goochland 1801PersonalA 01
Arnd, John Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Arness, Gabriel Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arness, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arness, Philip Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arness, Thomas Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arness, Wm Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arnett, Samuel Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Arney, Bostian Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Arney, Lebias Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Arnold, Ann Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Arnold, Benjamin Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Arnold, Benjamin Fauquier 1799PersonalB 03
Arnold, David Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Arnold, David PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 01
Arnold, Edward Nansemond 1802LandB 01
Arnold, Elijah Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Arnold, Elisha Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Arnold, George Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Arnold, George Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Arnold, Hezekiah Louisa 1798PersonalB 01
Arnold, Humphrey Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Arnold, Isaac Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Arnold, Isaac Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Arnold, James Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arnold, James Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Arnold, James Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Arnold, James, Jr Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Arnold, James, Sr Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Arnold, Jeremiah Mecklenburg 1799LandA 02
Arnold, Jerry Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Arnold, John Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Arnold, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Arnold, John Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Arnold, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Arnold, John Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Arnold, John KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Arnold, John Mecklenburg 1799LandA 01
Arnold, John Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Arnold, John PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 01
Arnold, Joseph Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 35
Arnold, Lewis Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Arnold, Moses Cumberland 1800Personal 01
Arnold, Robert (free Negroe) Albemarle 1802PersonalA 01
Arnold, Samuel NewKent 1800Land 02
Arnold, Terry Buckingham 1800PersonalB 01
Arnold, Thomas Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Arnold, Thomas Fauquier 1799PersonalB 03
Arnold, William KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Arnold, William, Jr (constable) Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Arnold, Willis Fauquier 1799PersonalB 03
Arnott, Lasley Louisa 1798PersonalB 01
Arnult, Joseph Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Arnult, Samuel Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Aron, Abedia Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Aron, Abram, Jr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 02
Aron, George Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Aron, Isaac Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Aron, Jacob Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Aron, William Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Arrants, James Mathews 1803Personal 02
Arrington, Adler Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Arrington, Daniel Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Arrington, Henry Southampton 1798PersonalA 01
Arrington, John Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Arrington, John Southampton 1798PersonalA 01
Arrington, Lewis Y Madison 1799Personal 01
Arrington, Samuel Amherst 1799PersonalA 01
Arrington, Samuel Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Arrington, Samuel Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Arrington, Thomas Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Arrowsmith, James Fauquier 1799PersonalC 01
Arrowsmith, Thomas Fauquier 1799PersonalC 01
Arrowsmith, Thomas Fauquier 1799PersonalC 06
Arstone, John Powhatan 1801Personal 01
Arterburn, James Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Arterburn, Peter Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Arther, Barnabas, Jr Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Arther, Barnabas, Sr Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Arther, Caleb Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Arther, Charles Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Arther, James Botetourt 1799PersonalA 01
Arther, James Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 02
Arther, James (estate) Nansemond 1802LandA 01
Arther, Joal Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Arthur, Benjamin Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Arthur, David Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, James Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Arthur, Jehmias Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Arthur, John Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Arthur, John Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, John Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Arthur, Joseph, Jr Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, Lewis Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Arthur, Thomas, Jr Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, Thomas, Sr Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, William Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Arthur, William, Sr Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Artis, Abram Greensville 1798Personal 01
Artis, Absalom Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Artis, Edmond Southampton 1798PersonalB 02
Artis, Edward Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Artis, Hardy Southampton 1798PersonalB 02
Artis, Isham Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Artis, Israel Southampton 1798PersonalB 02
Artis, Jacob Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Artis, John, Jr Southampton 1798PersonalB 02
Artis, Joshua Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Artiss, Ealy Surry 1800Personal 31
Artrip, William Kanawha 1802Personal 01
Artriss{?}, John Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Artslock, Michail Albemarle 1802PersonalB 01
Arundele, John Henrico 1801PersonalB 01
Arven, Annancia Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Arvin, William Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Arvin, William, Jr Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Arvine, William Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 01
Arwin, Benjn Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Aryan, George Amelia 1800Personal 01
Name County Tax List Page
Asberry, George Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Asberry, James Bedford 1800PersonalB 01
Asberry, Robert Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Asberry, Thomas Bedford 1800PersonalB 01
Asberry, William Fauquier 1799PersonalA 01
Asburry, Thomas J Bedford 1800PersonalB 01
Asbury, Ann Richmond 1799Land 01
Asbury, Henry Richmond 1798PersonalA 01
Asbury, James Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Asbury, John Harrison 1801PersonalA 01
Asbury, Richard Richmond 1799Land 01
Asbury, Thomas Richmond 1798PersonalA 01
Ash, Adam Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Ash, Christian Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Ash, Daniel Lee 1799Personal 01
Ash, Elizabeth Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Ash, Francis Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Ash, Francis Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Ash, George Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Ash, George Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Ash, Harry (FN) IsleWight 1799PersonalB 01
Ash, John Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Ash, Nathaniel Norfolk 1799PersonalA 01
Ash, Thomas Gloucester 1799Personal 01
Ash, Widdow Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Ash, William Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Ash, William Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Ash, William Gloucester 1799Personal 01
Ashbarriger, Philip Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Ashbey, John Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Ashbey, Joseph Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Ashbey, Thomas Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Ashborn, Luke Lancaster 1800Personal 01
Ashbourn, Elisha Nansemond 1802LandA 01
Ashbourn, John (estate) Nansemond 1802LandA 01
Ashbourn, Peter Nansemond 1802LandA 01
Ashbourne, Henry Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Ashbourne, Jas Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Ashbrook, Jeremiah Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Ashbrook, Jeremiah Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Ashbrook, Joseph Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Ashbrook, Joseph Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Ashbrook, Peter Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Ashbrook, Thomas Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Ashbrook, Thomas Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Ashburn, Haynie Northumberland 1801PersonalA 01
Ashburn, Peter (estate) Nansemond 1802LandB 01
Ashburn, Thomas, Jr Northumberland 1801PersonalB 01
Ashburn, Thomas, Sr Northumberland 1801PersonalB 01
Ashbury, Joseph Mathews 1803Land 01
Ashbury, Joseph Mathews 1803Personal 01
Ashby, Benj Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Ashby, Enoch Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Ashby, Henry JamesCity 1800Personal 01
Ashby, James York 1800Personal 01
Ashby, James, Jr Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Ashby, James, Sr Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Ashby, John Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Ashby, John Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Ashby, John York 1800Personal 01
Ashby, Lewis Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Ashby, Matthew York 1800Personal 01
Ashby, Nimrod Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Ashby, Richard York 1800Personal 01
Ashby, Robert Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Ashby, Samuel Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Ashby, Samuell Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Ashby, Thomas Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Ashby, Will Fauquier 1799PersonalC 01
Ashby, William Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Ashby, William PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Ashcock, John Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Ashcraft, John Harrison 1801PersonalA 01
Ashcraft, John, Junr Harrison 1801PersonalA 01
Ashcraft, Levi Harrison 1801PersonalA 01
Ashcraft, Uriah Harrison 1801PersonalA 01
Ashdon, James Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Asher, Elizabeth Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Asher, Harrison Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Asher, Joel Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Asher, John Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Asher, John Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Asher, Jonathan Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Asher, Samuel, Jr Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Asher, Samuel, Sr Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Asherhurste, Wm Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Ashford, John Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Ashford, Michaels Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Ashford, William Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Ashlen, Laurence Fauquier 1799PersonalA 01
Ashley, Charles Albemarle 1802PersonalA 01
Ashley, Edward Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Ashley, Holt Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Ashley, Philip Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Ashley, Thomas Northampton 1800Personal 01
Ashley, Warrin CityNorfolk 1798Personal 01
Ashley, Wilkinson Nansemond 1802LandB 01
Ashley, William Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Ashley, William Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Ashley, William Hanover 1800LandA 01
Ashley, William Powhatan 1801Personal 24
Ashley, William, Jr Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Ashlin, Augustine Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Ashlin, John Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Ashlock, John JamesCity 1800Personal 01
Ashlock, John Jr JamesCity 1800Personal 01
Ashlock, Josiah (estate) JamesCity 1800Land 01
Ashlock, Richard Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Ashlock, William Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Ashlon, Burdett, Sr Westmoreland 1800PersonalB 01
Ashton, Burditt, Jr KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, Burditt, Sr KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, Charles KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, George D KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, Hannah KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, Henry Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 01
Ashton, Henry (Exor of Rd Watts) Mecklenburg 1799LandB 01
Ashton, John Loudoun 1802PersonalA 23
Ashton, John, Sr KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, Laurence KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashton, Richard W KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Ashurst, Ann Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 02
Ashurst, Jacob Amelia 1800Land 01
Ashurst, Jacob Amelia 1800Personal 01
Ashurst, Jacob (estate) Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Ashurst, Robert Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Ashurst, Robert Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Ashwell, John Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Ashworth, Joel Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Ashworth, Miller Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Ashworth, Nathan Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Asiles, David Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Asker, Charles Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Askett, John Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Askew, Amos Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Askew, Anthony Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Askew, Daniel Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Askew, James Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Askew, John Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Askew, Mills IsleWight 1799PersonalB 01
Askew, Thomas IsleWight 1799PersonalB 01
Askew, William Campbell 1800PersonalB 01
Askin, William, Capt Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Askins, Alexander Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 01
Askins, William Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Askins, William Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 01
Aslor, George Augusta 1800PersonalB 01
Asselin, Francis Amelia 1800Land 01
Asselin, Francis Amelia 1800Personal 01
Asselin, Salley Amelia 1800Personal 02
Astin, Daniel Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Astin, George Northumberland 1801PersonalB 01
Astin, Isaac Botetourt 1799PersonalA 01
Astin, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Astin, Mary Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Aston, George Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Aston, Samuel Amelia 1800Personal 02
Name County Tax List Page
Atcher, Christopher Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Atcher, Cornelius Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Atcher, Peter Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Athel, Anthony Fauquier 1799PersonalA 01
Athens, William (estate) Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Atherton, Ambrose Mathews 1803Personal 01
Atherton, John Mathews 1803Personal 01
Atherton, John, Jr Mathews 1803Personal 01
Athey, G Loudoun 1802PersonalC 18
Athy, Hezekiah Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Athy, Samuel Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Atkerson, Elizabeth Nottoway 1801Personal 01
Atkerson, James Albemarle 1802PersonalA 01
Atkerson, John Nottoway 1801Personal 01
Atkerson, Roger Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Atkerson, Roger Mecklenburg 1799LandA 01
Atkerson, Thomas Nottoway 1801Personal 01
Atkeson, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Atkeson, Tho Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 01
Atkesson, George Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 01
Atkesson, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 01
Atkin, A Loudoun 1802PersonalC 08
Atkins, Ambrose Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Atkins, Benjamin Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Atkins, Edward Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Atkins, Henry Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Atkins, James CityPetersburg 1799PersonalB 01
Atkins, John Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Atkins, John Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Atkins, John KingQueen 1798Land 01
Atkins, John KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Atkins, John Lancaster 1800Personal 01
Atkins, Joseph Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Atkins, Joseph Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Atkins, Joseph Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Atkins, Joseph IsleWight 1799PersonalB 01
Atkins, Joseph KingQueen 1798Land 01
Atkins, Joseph Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Atkins, Joseph (Spota) Louisa 1798PersonalB 01
Atkins, Lewis KingQueen 1798Land 01
Atkins, Lewis KingQueen 1799PersonalA 01
Atkins, Liston KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Atkins, Morris Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Atkins, Reubin Henry 1800Personal 01
Atkins, Robert Surry 1799Land 01
Atkins, Sarah Henry 1800Personal 01
Atkins, Stephen Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Atkins, William Charlotte 1800PersonalA 01
Atkins, William Surry 1799Land 01
Atkinson, Barnett Madison 1799Personal 01
Atkinson, Benjamin IsleWight 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Benjamin Jr Surry 1799Land 01
Atkinson, Charles Caroline 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Daniel Caroline 1799PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Elias Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Elisha Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Hardy Surry 1799Land 01
Atkinson, Hardy Surry 1800Personal 02
Atkinson, James Amelia 1800Land 01
Atkinson, James Amelia 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, James IsleWight 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, James Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Atkinson, James, Sr Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Jesse (Constable) Henry 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, John Amelia 1800Land 02
Atkinson, John Brunswick 1798Personal 02
Atkinson, John Henrico 1801PersonalB 01
Atkinson, John Madison 1799Personal 01
Atkinson, John NewKent 1800Land 01
Atkinson, John NewKent 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, John C Mathews 1803Land 02
Atkinson, John C Mathews 1803Personal 02
Atkinson, Joshua Amelia 1800Land 01
Atkinson, Joshua Amelia 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, Josiah Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Major KingWilliam 1797Land 01
Atkinson, Major KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Atkinson, Mary A Cumberland 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, Nathaniel Caroline 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Obediah Caroline 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Patty Surry 1799Land 01
Atkinson, Patty Surry 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, Reuben Essex 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, Robert Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Atkinson, Robert Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01
Atkinson, Robert Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Robert Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Robert Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Roger Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Roger Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Atkinson, Roger Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01
Atkinson, Roger Mecklenburg 1799LandB 01
Atkinson, Samuel Cumberland 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, Samuel Surry 1799Land 01
Atkinson, Sarah NewKent 1800Land 01
Atkinson, Sarah NewKent 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, Simon IsleWight 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Thomas Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Atkinson, Thomas Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01
Atkinson, Thomas Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 01
Atkinson, Thomas Madison 1799Personal 01
Atkinson, Thomas, Esq Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Timothy Southampton 1798PersonalA 01
Atkinson, William Brunswick 1798Personal 02
Atkinson, William Caroline 1799PersonalB 01
Atkinson, William Hardy 1799PersonalB 01
Atkinson, William IsleWight 1799PersonalA 01
Atkinson, William Madison 1799Personal 01
Atkinson, William Madison 1799Personal 01
Atkinson, William NewKent 1800Land 01
Atkinson, William NewKent 1800Personal 01
Atkinson, William Southampton 1798PersonalA 01
Atkinson, Wm Louisa 1798PersonalB 01
Atkison, Absalom Greensville 1798Personal 01
Atkison, Elizabeth Greensville 1798Personal 01
Atkison, Henry Greensville 1798Personal 01
Atkison, Jesse Greensville 1798Personal 01
Atkison, John Greensville 1798Personal 01
Atkison, William, Jr Greensville 1798Personal 01
Atkisson, William W Powhatan 1801Personal 01
Atksson, William Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 01
Attkison, Henry Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Attkison, Josiah Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Attkison, Judith Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Attkison, Lewis Hanover 1800LandA 01
Attkison, Pleasant Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Attkisson, Henry Hanover 1800LandA 01
Attkisson, Josiah Hanover 1800LandA 01
Attkisson, Michael Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Attkisson, Pleasant Hanover 1800LandA 01
Attwell, Thomas Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 01
Attwell, William Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 01
Attwell, William, Sr Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 01
Atwaters, John Augusta 1800PersonalB 01
Atwell, Catharine KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Atwell, Francis Fauquier 1799PersonalA 06
Atwell, Francis Richmond 1798PersonalA 01
Atwell, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 01
Atwell, John PrinceEdward 1800PersonalA 01
Atwell, Samuel PrinceEdward 1800PersonalA 01
Atwell, Thomas Northumberland 1801PersonalA 01
Atwill, Jesse Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Atwood, Benjamin CityNorfolk 1798Personal 01
Atwood, Catharine Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Atwood, Elizabeth PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Atwood, Gilbert Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Atwood, Jinnett{?} Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Atwood, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Atwood, John Fauquier 1799PersonalB 05
Atwood, John PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Atwood, John Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Atwood, Joshua PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Atwood, Rachael PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Atwood, Thomas PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Atwood, William Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Name County Tax List Page
Aubrey, Thomas Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Aubrey, William Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Aubrey, William, Jr Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Aucano, Martin KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Audas, John Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01


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