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1800 - "A" Index (1)

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Name County Tax List Page
A(?)h, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 01
A(?)h, Michel Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 01
Name County Tax List Page
Abba, David Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Abba, Kitt Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Abba, Peter Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Abba, Thomas Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Abberdem, Henry CityNorfolk 1798Personal 01
Abbett, Thomas Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Abbot, James CityNorfolk 1798Personal 01
Abbott, Abner KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, Armstead Halifax 1798PersonalB 04
Abbott, Bivvin Middlesex 1801Personal 01
Abbott, Elisha Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Abbott, Frances Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Garland Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Abbott, Jacob Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Jacob KingQueen 1798Land 01
Abbott, Jacob KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, Jacob NewKent 1800Personal 01
Abbott, Jacob, Jr KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, James Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Abbott, James JamesCity 1800Personal 01
Abbott, James J Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, Jesse Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Abbott, Joseph, Jr Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Joseph, Sr Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Leonard Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Mathew Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Matthias Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, Matthias Hanover 1800LandB 02
Abbott, Nelson Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, Richard Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, Roger Culpeper 1801PersonalB 01
Abbott, Tommey Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Abbott, William Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abbott, William Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Abdail, Bowdoin Northampton 1800Personal 01
Abdail, Thomas Northampton 1800Personal 01
Abel, Ephraim Fauquier 1799PersonalC 01
Abel, Samuel CityWilliamsburg 1798Personal 01
Abell, George Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Abell, Stophell Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Abenathy, Fredrick Brunswick 1798Personal 01
Aberdun, Henry, Sr Norfolk 1799PersonalA 01
Abernathy, Aramanos Mecklenburg 1799PersonalA 08
Abernathy, B Brunswick 1798Personal 05
Abernathy, Burwell Mecklenburg 1799LandA 02
Abernathy, Charles Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, Clayton Brunswick 1798Personal 01
Abernathy, Clayton Dinwiddie 1799LandA 04
Abernathy, Clayton Dinwiddie 1799LandA 15
Abernathy, Clayton Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, David Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, David Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 01
Abernathy, George Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, Harman Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Abernathy, Harman Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, Henry Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, Jesse Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, John, Jr Brunswick 1798Personal 01
Abernathy, John, Sr Brunswick 1798Personal 01
Abernathy, Reuben Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Abernathy, Saban Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Abernathy, Saban Dinwiddie 1799LandA 03
Abernathy, Saban Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01
Abernathy, Saban Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, Signal Mecklenburg 1799LandA 02
Abernathy, Signal Mecklenburg 1799PersonalA 04
Abernathy, Signal Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 01
Abernathy, Siles Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Abernathy, Siles Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, William Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Abernathy, William Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Abernathy, William Mecklenburg 1799LandA 02
Abernithy, James Norfolk 1799PersonalA 01
Abey, Andrew Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 01
Able, Chtristian Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Able, Francis Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Able, John Botetourt 1799PersonalB 01
Able, Lewis, Jr Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Able, Lewis, Sr Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Abney, Issabella Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Abney, John Amherst 1799PersonalA 01
Abney, Reubin Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Abney, William Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Abott, Benjamin Buckingham 1800PersonalB 01
Abott, George Buckingham 1800PersonalB 01
Abraham, L Jacobs Buckingham 1800PersonalB 01
Abraham, Levi Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Abrahams, Joseph KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Abrahams, Susanna KingWilliam 1797Land 01
Abrahams, Susanna KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Abrams, Aaron York 1800Land 01
Abrams, Aaron JamesCity 1800Personal 01
Abrams, Francis Richmond 1798PersonalA 02
Abrams, Mordicai Caroline 1799Land 01
Abrell, Joseph Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Abshire, Abraham Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Abshire, Edward Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Abshire, John Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Abshire, Lute Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Abshire, Peter Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Abslom, John PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 01
Absolam, William ElizabethCity 1798Personal 01
Abstant, Jesse Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Abstant, Joshua Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Abston, Francis Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Abston, John Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Name County Tax List Page
Acer, Andrew Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 01
Acer, Philip Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 01
Ackiss, Francis PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Ackiss, James PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Ackiss, John PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Ackiss, Jonathan PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Ackiss, Thomas PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 01
Ackord, Christian Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Ackred, Casper Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Acord, Jacob Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Acra, John Gloucester 1799Personal 01
Acra, Thomas Gloucester 1799Personal 01
Acra, Thomas Gloucester 1800Land 01
Acre, Carter JamesCity 1800Personal 01
Acre, John KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Acre, John Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Acre, Philip Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Acre, Philip, Jr Wythe 1800PersonalA 01
Acre, Rebeccah Hanover 1800LandB 01
Acre, Seaton KingQueen 1798Land 01
Acre, Seeton KingQueen 1799PersonalB 01
Acre, William Hanover 1800LandB 01
Acree, Edward KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Acree, John Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Acree, Joshua Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Acree, Thomas Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Acres, Alexander KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Acres, Alexander D KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Acres, James Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Acres, James Greensville 1798Personal 01
Acres, John Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Acres, John KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Acres, Reuben Essex 1800Personal 01
Acres, Walt Fauquier 1799PersonalB 35
Acres, William KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Acton, Henry Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Name County Tax List Page
Adair, Benjamin Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Adair, Cornelius Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Adair, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Adair, William Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Adair, William Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Adamer, John Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Adams, Abner Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Absalom Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Ambrose Mathews 1803Personal 02
Adams, Ambrose (estate) Mathews 1803Land 01
Adams, Amos Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Ann Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Ashley CityPetersburg 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Benjamin Amherst 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Benjamin Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Benjamin Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Adams, Benjamin Mathews 1803Personal 02
Adams, Charles Fauquier 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, Charles Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Adams, Charles L Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Claiborne Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Collin Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Adams, Dancy, Jr Amelia 1800Personal 01
Adams, Dancy, Sr Amelia 1800Personal 01
Adams, Daniel Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, David Brunswick 1798Personal 01
Adams, David Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, David Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, David (estate) Amelia 1800Land 01
Adams, David (estate) Amelia 1800Personal 02
Adams, Edwin Greensville 1798Personal 01
Adams, Elijah Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Elisha Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, Elisha Lee 1799Personal 01
Adams, Elizabeth Brunswick 1798Personal 01
Adams, Elizabeth Hanover 1800LandB 02
Adams, Elizabeth Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Adams, Elizabeth, Jr Brunswick 1798Personal 02
Adams, Elkanor Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Ellyson KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Adams, Epaphroditus NewKent 1800Land 02
Adams, Francis Northumberland 1801PersonalB 01
Adams, Frederick Amelia 1800Personal 01
Adams, George Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, George Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, George Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 02
Adams, Gower Nottoway 1801Personal 01
Adams, Harriss Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Heneritta Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Adams, Henry Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Henry Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adams, Henry Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adams, Henry Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Henry Southampton 1798PersonalB 02
Adams, Henry CharlesCity 1800Personal 01
Adams, Henry (exempt) Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Adams, Isaac Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Isaac Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Isaac, Jr Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Jacob Fauquier 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, Jacob Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Adams, Jacob (Black man) Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, James Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01
Adams, James Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, James Fauquier 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, James Goochland 1801PersonalA 01
Adams, James Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, James Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Adams, James Mecklenburg 1799LandA 02
Adams, James Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, James Surry 1799Land 01
Adams, James Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, James (BR) Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Adams, James (Constable) Surry 1800Personal 01
Adams, James, Jr (son John) Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, James, Sr Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Jeremiah Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Jeremiah Dinwiddie 1799LandB 01
Adams, Jeremiah Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Jno Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Joel Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, John Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, John Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Adams, John Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adams, John Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Adams, John Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, John Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, John Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Adams, John Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, John Greensville 1798Personal 01
Adams, John Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, John Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, John Hanover 1800LandB 01
Adams, John Harrison 1801PersonalB 01
Adams, John KingQueen 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, John Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Adams, John Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, John Mathews 1803Personal 02
Adams, John Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, John NewKent 1800Land 01
Adams, John NewKent 1800Land 02
Adams, John NewKent 1800Personal 01
Adams, John Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Adams, John Wythe 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, John CharlesCity 1800Land 01
Adams, John CharlesCity 1800Personal 01
Adams, John (son of Nathaniel) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, John P KingWilliam 1797Land 01
Adams, John P KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Adams, John, Doct Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Adams, John, Jr Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adams, John, Jr Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, John, Jr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, John, Jr (son James) Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, John, Sr Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Adams, John, Sr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Jonathan Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Jonathan Harrison 1801PersonalA 02
Adams, Jonathan Lee 1799Personal 01
Adams, Joseph Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Joseph Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Joseph Harrison 1801PersonalA 02
Adams, Joshua Lee 1799Land 03
Adams, Josiah Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Lewis Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Littleton, Jr Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Littleton, Sr Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Luke Henry 1800Personal 01
Adams, Mallory CityPetersburg 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Margaret Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Adams, Moses Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, Mourning Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Nancy PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 01
Adams, Nathan, Jr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Nathan, Sr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Nathaniel (estate) Surry 1799Land 01
Adams, Nathaniel, Jur Harrison 1801PersonalA 02
Adams, Nathaniel, Sr Harrison 1801PersonalA 02
Adams, Nelson Caroline 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Nipper Halifax 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, Patrick H Surry 1800Personal 02
Adams, Pellathill PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Peter Hanover 1800LandB 01
Adams, Peter Lee 1799Personal 01
Adams, Peter NewKent 1800Land 02
Adams, Peter NewKent 1800Personal 01
Adams, Philip Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Philip Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Philip Hanover 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, Randolph Henry 1800Personal 01
Adams, Richard Amherst 1799PersonalA 01
Adams, Richard Augusta 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Richard Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Richard Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adams, Richard Henrico 1801PersonalB 01
Adams, Richard Henrico 1802LandA 01
Adams, Richard Henrico 1802LandA 01
Adams, Richard KingWilliam 1797Personal 01
Adams, Richard NewKent 1800Land 01
Adams, Richard CharlesCity 1800Personal 01
Adams, Richard (estate) Henrico 1802LandB 01
Adams, Richard (son of James) Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Richard, Jr Henrico 1802LandB 01
Adams, Robert Fluvanna 1802Personal 01
Adams, Robert PrinceEdward 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Robert Southampton 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, Robert Wythe 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Sackfield Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Samuel Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Samuel Cumberland 1800Personal 01
Adams, Samuel Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Adams, Samuel Lee 1799Land 01
Adams, Samuel Loudoun 1802PersonalB 01
Adams, Sarah Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Simcoe Essex 1800Personal 01
Adams, Stephen Mathews 1803Personal 02
Adams, Susanna Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, Susanna Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Syvester Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adams, Thomas Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Adams, Thomas Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Thomas Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Adams, Thomas Cumberland 1800Personal 01
Adams, Thomas Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Adams, Thomas Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Thomas Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Thomas Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, Thomas Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 01
Adams, Thomas Mecklenburg 1799LandA 01
Adams, Thomas Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 02
Adams, Thomas PrinceGeorge 1799Land 01
Adams, Thomas PrinceGeorge 1799Land 25
Adams, Thomas PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 01
Adams, Thomas Southampton 1798PersonalB 01
Adams, Thomas (estate) Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Thomas (P George) Surry 1799Land 01
Adams, Thomas, Jr Culpeper 1801PersonalA 01
Adams, Thomas, Jr Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Timothy Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Turner Fauquier 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Uriah PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 01
Adams, Waller Fauquier 1799PersonalB 02
Adams, Warner Hanover 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Weathers Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, William Amelia 1800Personal 02
Adams, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Adams, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Adams, William Brunswick 1798Personal 02
Adams, William Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, William Buckingham 1800PersonalA 20
Adams, William Campbell 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, William Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, William Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Adams, William Dinwiddie 1799LandA 01
Adams, William Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, William Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adams, William Loudoun 1802PersonalA 18
Adams, William Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, William Mecklenburg 1799LandA 01
Adams, William Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 03
Adams, William Powhatan 1801Personal 01
Adams, William Richmond 1798PersonalB 02
Adams, William Surry 1799Land 01
Adams, William Surry 1800Personal 01
Adams, William (BR) Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Adams, William (by ford) Charlotte 1800PersonalB 02
Adams, William (son James) Charlotte 1800PersonalB 01
Adams, Wilson Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adams, Wily Amelia 1800Personal 01
Adams, Windfield Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adams, Winfield Greensville 1798Personal 15
Adams, Wm Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Wm Frederick 1800PersonalA 01
Adams, Wm (son of Elizabeth) Loudoun 1802PersonalC 01
Adams, Zachariah Mathews 1803Land 01
Adams, Zachariah Mathews 1803Personal 02
Adcock, Anderson, Sr Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Adcock, Carter Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Adcock, Edward Cumberland 1800Personal 02
Adcock, George (Constable) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Adcock, Henry (son of Henry) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 02
Adcock, Henry (son of John) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 02
Adcock, John (son of Anderson) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Adcock, John, Sr Buckingham 1800PersonalA 02
Adcock, Joseph (son of Anderson) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Adcock, Joseph (son of John) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 02
Adcock, William Albemarle 1802PersonalA 01
Adcock, William Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Addams, Jack Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Adderson, Arthur Accomack 1799PersonalB 01
Adderson, John Accomack 1799PersonalA 01
Adderson, John Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Adderson, John KingGeorge 1803Personal 01
Adderson, Marry Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Adderson, Thomas IsleWight 1799PersonalA 01
Adderson, William IsleWight 1799PersonalA 01
Addison, John Northampton 1800Personal 01
Addison, Kendall Northampton 1800Personal 01
Addison, Thomas Northampton 1800Personal 01
Addleman, Elizabeth Loudoun 1802PersonalA 01
Addudall, Elias Frederick 1800PersonalB 01
Ader, Adam Franklin 1799PersonalA 01
Adkerson, Ellis Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adkerson, George Middlesex 1801Personal 01
Adkerson, Jessee Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adkerson, John Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adkerson, John Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adkerson, John (exempt) Halifax 1798PersonalB 01
Adkerson, Joshua Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adkerson, Lewis Bedford 1800PersonalA 01
Adkerson, Robert Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adkerson, Roger Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Adkerson, Samuel Halifax 1798PersonalB 01
Adkerson, William (DC) Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Adkerson, William, Jr Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adking, Charles Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 02
Adkins, Arther Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adkins, Burrel Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, Burrel Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adkins, Charles Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adkins, David Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adkins, Edward Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, Elizabeth Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, Enoch Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, George Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, George Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adkins, Henry Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, Henry Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkins, Henry, Jr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, Howel Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, James Northumberland 1801PersonalA 01
Adkins, James Westmoreland 1800PersonalB 01
Adkins, Jesse Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, Jessee Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, Joel Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkins, John Botetourt 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, John Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 01
Adkins, John Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Adkins, John Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Adkins, John Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, John Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, John Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkins, Lewis Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, Martha Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, Nathaniel Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, Phebe Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, Phebe Chesterfield 1802LandA 01
Adkins, Pheby Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adkins, Richard Brunswick 1798Personal 02
Adkins, Robert Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, Robert Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adkins, Robert Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, Samuel Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, Thomas Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adkins, Thomas Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkins, Willaim, Sr Halifax 1798PersonalB 03
Adkins, William Botetourt 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, William Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adkins, William Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 01
Adkins, William Sussex 1799PersonalA 01
Adkins, William Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkins, William, Jr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, William, Jr Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkins, William, Sr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkins, Willis Sussex 1799PersonalB 01
Adkinson, Shadrach Halifax 1798PersonalB 02
Adkinson, William Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 01
Adkinson, William Chesterfield 1802LandB 01
Adney, Daniel Franklin 1799PersonalB 02
Adney, John Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Adney, Thomas Franklin 1799PersonalB 02
Name County Tax List Page
Affrica, Trimmagain Norfolk 1799PersonalB 01
Affrica, Wright Norfolk 1799PersonalB 01
Name County Tax List Page
Agan, Thomas Louisa 1798PersonalA 01
Agee, Adler Henry 1800Personal 01
Agee, Charles Henry 1800Personal 01
Agee, Ephram Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Agee, Hercules Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Agee, Jacob Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Agee, James, Jr Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Agee, James, Sr Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Agee, Jesse Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Agee, John Buckingham 1800PersonalA 02
Agee, John Henry 1800Personal 01
Agee, Joseph Buckingham 1800PersonalA 01
Agee, Matthew Franklin 1799PersonalB 01
Ager, John Botetourt 1799PersonalA 01
Ager, John Wythe 1800PersonalB 01
Agnus, Samuel Bedford 1800PersonalA 02
Agood, Samuel Mecklenburg 1799LandA 01
Name County Tax List Page
Ahart, Abraham (LF) Madison 1799Personal 01
Ahart, Catherine Madison 1799Personal 01
Ahart, John Madison 1799Personal 01


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