Microfilm Source Information


Microfilms used for all images and indexes were acquired from the following sources:

In most cases the microfilms were acquired from the FHL. If the microfilm was not available from the FHL then we acquired the microfilm from the LVA. Our experience has determined that in almost all cases the microfilms from the FHL are identical to those from the LVA. We do not reference any specific FHL microfilm number or LVA roll number here. These numbers are readily available from their respective websites.

For microfilms from the FHL please go HERE and enter the county name in Place Search. Select the Virginia county from the results listing. Click on the Taxation link.

For microfilms from the LVA please go HERE for Personal Property Tax, or go HERE for Land Tax.

Our CD contents do not always correspond exactly to the microfilm contents. Sometimes the scanned images from a single microfilm take up more room than what is available on a single archival CD. Therefore we may have two CDs for one microfilm, or three CDs for two microfilms, etc.


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