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Benefits to using Acrobat Reader 8

1) Viewer Benefits (using the Acrobat toolbar):
Use the arrow buttons to go forward to the next image or to go backward to the previous image.
Use the page number window to enter the image number you want to go to.
Use the + and - buttons to zoom in or zoom out.
  Use the "fit to width" or "fit to height" buttons to resize the image.
  Use the right mouse click to change from hand tool to select tool, or vice-versus.
2) Printer Benefits (using the Acrobat toolbar):
  Use the Acrobat toolbar Print button to print any tax list image. DO NOT USE the web browser print function !!.
  You can print all images at one time.
  You can print the current view (what you see on the screen).
  You can print only the current image (what you are viewing).
  You can print a range of images.
  You can fit to page.
  Experiment to get the results you want.
3) Image Extraction (a How-To for those image editing individuals)
  You can extract the image from the PDF file by first choosing the select tool.
  Click on the image to highlight it.
  Right click the mouse to copy image. This places the image file into the computer's clipboard.
  Open an image editor program.
  Paste the stored clipboard image into the image editor program.
  You can now modify and save the image as you like.

Considering all the benefits, using the Acrobat Reader 8 means a more user friendly system.
And the new "autoload on CD insertion" feature makes it even better !!


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